Auto Analyser Performance Cup is official!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that Auto Analyser Performance brings you the 2011 Auto Analyser Performance Cup. With support from Gulf Competition lubricants, Project Mu brakes and Moton Suspension products the Auto Analyser Performance Cup offers time attack competitors the opportunity to win some serious top quality prizes while competing at some of Canada’s premiere racing facilities.

The Auto Analyser Performance cup is open to all competitors in the 2011 Ontario Time Attack series (production based cars only) and features three separate classes, FWD, RWD and AWD. The fastest car over the weekends competition (two events per weekend, 100 points for fastest lap per event, highest two day total wins) will win a complimentary set of Project Mu Club Racer brake pads, 1 5L bottle of Gulf Competition oil, 2 500ml bottles of Gulf RF800 brake fluid, and 200 Moton Dollars valid towards purchase of Moton dampers from Auto Analyser Performance. Points will be totaled over the 2011 season resulting in three Auto Analyser Performance Cup winners to be announced at the year end banquet. Events will take place over 5 weekends as follows:

Auto Analyser Performance Cup/Ontario Time Attack 2011 Schedule

Auto Analyser Performance will provide the mandatory Auto Analyser Performance, Project Mu, Gulf Competition and Moton Suspension decals for all Ontario Time Attack competitors.

More information regarding the Auto Analyser Performance Cup can be found in the 2011 Ontario Time Attack rulebook. Also be sure to check regularly for updates on fast lap results and current point standings for the championship.

We look forward to seeing you trackside. Come out, have fun and have a chance at winning some top quality products. If you’d like to go faster don’t hesitate to call us at 905-951-2777, we have the right products and advice to get you to the top!

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