Success at opening round of GT3 Cup

The opening round of the GT3 Cup Canada Challenge marked the first win of the season for the Speed Merchant’s team. As lead engineer for the team, I’m always thrilled to hear happy drivers, stoked on their setup at the close of the weekend.

David Passing Spencer

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JRZ sales and service now at Auto Analyser Performance


Auto Analyser Performance is pleased to offer sales and service of JRZ dampers.

JRZ offers a wide range of applications and price points from the economical non remote type RS damper all the way up to remote canister type 4 way dampers (independent high speed/low speed compression and rebound adjustments).

At Auto Analyser we have experience getting the most from JRZ dampers and have been impressed with the performance they have offered during trackside testing on Porsche 997 GT3 cup applications.

If you have any questions or are looking to upgrade your suspension be sure to give us a call and find out more about what JRZ and Auto Analyser Performance have to offer.

Happy New Years from the Auto Analyser Team! Wishing you a fantastic 2013!

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Motion Control single adjustable non canister available now at Auto Analyser Performance

Auto Analyser Performance is excited to share the release of the Motion Control single adjustable no canister type damper. What this means for enthusiasts is an attractive price point for a top quality damper that offers ease of installation with no drilling/cutting required.

Here is what MCS has to say:

MCS Announces Debut of the 2013 Single Adjustable Non Remote Dampers


singleadjx700wAlpharetta, GA December 5, 2012 – MCS announced the debut of their new Single Adjustable damper sets. After several months of rigorous testing they are now ready for sale. Fitments for BMW, Porsche, Scion, Subaru and Honda are offered to start.“MCS raises the bar both for track enjoyment and street comfort with these new Single adjustable damper kits,” said Lex Carson, Sales Director at MCS. “Car owners will appreciate both the build and ride quality of these new designed products. They have a nice adjustment range of 16 different settings in rebound control, mono tube design front and rear and nitrogen pressure is adjustable if required. They do come with standard spring hardware but without springs and camber plates, these can be ordered separately”. Additional special hardware can be ordered for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 for the use of stock springs needed like in the SCCA C Stock Class.

The new MCS Single adjustable damper sets will retail from $2,650 / set.

A really nice feature of these ‘entry-level’ Single adjustable non remote dampers is that they are upgradable to a reservoir type damper at any time. “We decided to design a modular damper system with interchangeable parts to make it possible to upgrade these ‘entry-level’ dampers to a 2-Way adjustable reservoir damper system down the road. Many customers will benefit from this and will be able to upgrade without the need of investing into a complete new damper set when upgrading their program,” according Lex. All the MCS dampers are fully rebuildable, serviceable and can be custom valved and upgraded any time.

Our Double Adjustable Non Remote Dampers will soon follow.”

As alwasy experienced professionals are available to answer any questions you may have, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 905-951-2777.

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Unlimited S2000 build update, brakes!

We’ve been working hard in the after hours continuing development of the Auto Analyser Performance/Yokohama S2000 build.

This brake distribution block is a direct replacement for the OEM S2000 ABS module, designed by Auto Analyser Performance. It takes inputs from dual master cylinders (front/rear) and outputs to vehicles 4 calipers via the OEM hardlines. The 2000 psi AEM pressure sensors measure front and rear brake pressure. This allows for front/rear brake bias to be calculated.

Here you can see the distribution block installed. The lines must be oriented so the two fronts are paired and the two rears are paired as opposed to the cross corner configuration originally used by the ABS module. With the Motec PDM32 we’re using (more on that later), it will be possible to use either of the brake pressure sensors to trigger the brake lights. You can also see the Chase Bays mil spec wiring harness and AP pull type pedal box ready for the master cylinders to be installed.

Auto Analyser Performance designed custom mounting brackets and hats to use PFC motorsport calipers both front and rear. PFC brake calipers and direct drive rotors can be found on some of the fastest race cars in many disciplines, from Super GT to Indy car. You can also see the rear airjack in action and the rear mounted ARE dry sump tank.

The front calipers are quite wide but fortunately the Advan TCIII wheels (18*10 +35) have substantial caliper clearance. You can also see the reinforced front control arm mount with adjustable roll center and anti dive geometry.

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Did you Know?

Auto Analyser Performance specializes in the following brands, don’t hesitate to conact us with any questions you may have.

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New AST 4150 economically priced and available at Auto Analyser Performance

We are proud to announce the newly launched AST 4150 series damper. These economically priced units provide a great entry point to performance damper technology and offer a wide application base. The 4150’s offer the ability to upgrade to remote canisters at a later point if you decide to go that route. As delivered the non canister design makes for installation in your street car a breeze.

Call us for specific details on your application, for reference S2000 4150’s are priced at $2442.00CDN MSRP.

NEW! 4150 series damper, feature packed, value priced.

Here is some more info from AST:

 AST Suspension – USA is proud to announce the new AST 4150 Series Damper. The new design builds on the success with the AST 4100 series damper and the recent wins in GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, including new technology developed specifically for GRAND-AM racing teams. .

DDP Technology Piston

Our latest digressive piston developed for GRAND-AM gives drivers and race engineers the best of both worlds. Drivers love the low speed damping response and body control, while race engineers love the “blow off” at high shaft velocities. When the rebound adjustment is soft, the damper curve looks similar to an OEM street shock profile. When the rebound adjustment is hard, the damper curve looks like a race shock!

This “Jekyll and Hyde” personality is exactly what AST 4000 Series customers want: soft street ride and race car track performance in ONE shock – all with the turn of a knob!

Lower Drag Seals

High performance seals are a challenge for any damper. They must balance friction and sealing ability while not impacting shock performance and not leaking; a difficult balancing act! While the seal was originally developed for GRAND-AM road racing, AST is taking our knowledge from the track to the street again. Newly redesigned seals decrease hysteresis in the damper and decrease seal drag over 50%.

Discontinuing Steel Shocks

In 2012, most AST 4150s will come with aluminum shock bodies. Strut bodies will continue to be built from steel, but all shocks will switch to aircraft grade aluminum. Economies of scale have allowed us to switch to aluminum without a large increase in cost of manufacture. For some models, this represents a

50% reduction in the weight of the damper (unsprung weight).

Structural Improvements

Several new designs proven in GRAND-AM racing will be added to various products on an “as needed” basis. All strut models will receive a new two piece top guide assembly that separates the dust seal assembly from the oil seal/bearing assembly. This two piece design is stronger in compression loading (bottoming out) and side loading (in the turn). Some models will receive weld-on stabilizer brackets which take the guesswork out of setting the stabilizer height and torque setting of the clamping ring.


4150s will be upgradeable to 4250s! Using a modular build system, customers can send their shocks to Auto Analyser Performance at a later date and upgrade from a 1 Way shock to a 2 Way internal reservoir or remote reservoir system. Some models may only upgrade to remote reservoirs. An upgrade matrix will be published in early 2012.

Auto Analyser Performance is an authorized sales and service center for AST Suspension products in Canada. AST Suspension offers high performance adjustable dampers for street cars, autocross cars and road racing cars in North America. For more information, visit or call 905-951-2777.

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Auto Analyser Performance data acquisition seminar

HADA is a motorsport focused club with active participation in Time Attack, Road Race and Auto X

Auto Analyser on Data Acquisition at 12pm, Dec 11th

Race car engineer Andrew Wojteczko from Auto Analyser Performance to speak on an economical and easy way to get useful data acquisition in your vehicle and once there, how to get the most from it.
Will cover:
– Interpreting the speed trace and how to understand what it’s telling you
– Using your brakes to the fullest and how to check in your data
– Understanding the G-G diagram, what do all these dots actually mean?
– What is a 3 axis accelerometer and how to use it effectively.
– Output your vehicles over/understeer balance with just an AIM Solo dash.

If you’re not a HADA member, why not? You’re missing out on great opportunities like regular meets, free seminars, tech sessions and much more. Check out for more info.



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